One of Kainon’s greatest strengths is the framework of Christian morals and values that underlies everything we do. Kainon pre primary and primary, is affiliated with New Church Westville, part of the General Church of the New Jerusalem, a Swedenborgian Christian denomination

At the core of our faith is a focus on the Two Great Commandments: love of God and love of the neighbour. We embrace students from all different religious backgrounds who are willing to respect the Christian ethos at the school.

Kainon is guided by the following 12 values:

Humility before the Lord Jesus Christ

We worship the Lord Jesus Christ as the one God of heaven and earth and as our personal Creator, Saviour, and Redeemer.

Moral boundaries

The Ten Commandments are the foundation for healthy relationships and spirituality. Through the process of learning to keep the commandments, we become the kind of loving people that God wants us to be.

A loving family environment

A good family is the ideal environment for the growth of a child into a responsible adult. We emulate a family environment to ensure that nobody falls through the cracks.

A partnership with parents

Effective education is a team effort based on on-going communication between parents and teachers. We to work together to provide consistent and responsive education.

Preparation for life in this world and the next

When we prepare children for a life of useful service to others and to God, we prepare them for lasting happiness on earth and in heaven.

The pursuit of truth

We seek truth from both science and revelation. The pursuit of truth requires a humble acceptance of our limitations and openness to new ways of understanding the truth.

Broad experience

We learn the most when we enjoy what we are learning, and we also benefit from learning to enjoy activities that might not seem fun at first.

Building the habits of spiritual practices

It takes work to make space for God. Through the habits of prayer and reading the Word of God-by ourselves and with others-we create that space.

Emotional intelligence and spiritual growth

Developing emotional awareness and learning how to respond to feelings is the first step of spiritual growth.

Courteous relationships

All relationships, especially the most important ones such as marriage, need demonstrations of care and respect called courtesy. We train children to behave courteously towards adults and peers.

The unique contribution of individuals

The Lord creates each person with unique gifts to use in service to others. We meet each child where they are to help them develop the confidence that comes from understanding their own gifts, strengths, and limitations.

Responsibility to others

People are created, not for their own sake, but for the sake of others. To build a sense of responsibility, we raise the awareness of each child about the positive and negative effects that they have on people and the world.