Outreach Projects

As a Christian School we support various outreach projects during our academic year. This creates awareness for our children that links to our school theme and helps children think of others other than themselves. It also helps them be aware of being grateful for things and being able to give and share.

Kainon School supports the following outreach projects:

Baby House Westville

The House is a safe house for abandoned babies. Their goal is to care for and nurture these beautiful babies until such a time that they are adopted.  Two dedicated housemothers lovingly look after these precious little people until they are adopted. The babies are placed at the house by a registered social worker who either works with the mothers before birth or who is contacted by relevant hospitals or police stations in the case of abandonment.

There are 2 housemothers who alternate weeks on duty so there is usually only one pair of hands available at any time. Our learners are encouraged to go to the Baby House to assist in the afternoon or weekend routine.

They are continuously in desperate need of support through donations and monthly supplies. Their wish list is regularly updated on their Facebook page.

17 Tweed Road, Westville.

The White House Community Care Centre

Home to over 41 residents in the Inanda Valley. The White House is home to disabled children mostly suffering from cerebral palsy, abandoned adults and children and elderly bedridden patients. Russell and Precious have opened their home to these residents providing them with 24 hour love and care.

The White House receives erratic financial assistance from Lionsraw and GAGA (Goodwill And Growth for Africa UK) but as you can imagine, his monthly costs are never ending. They receive help from extended community members and churches, always receiving their donations with comments like ‘God never ceases to bless us”.

Russell and Precious manage with their deep-set faith in God. When you ask them how they manage to feed everybody, Russell’s face lights up and he proudly says that ‘God provides’. They have a sustainable vegetable garden that they tend and somehow just manage. A true testimony to the Bible story of Jesus feeding the 5000. Matthew 14:13-21

One has to visit the ‘White House’ to feel the wonderful love. Everybody is made to feel welcome.

There is a story of a severely brain damaged girl, Jade, who was brought into the home unable to sit or swallow solid food. Within a few months of being in the loving environment, surrounded by loving carers and brothers and sisters, she soon could sit and rock in her cot and now manages to eat what the rest of the family eat.

There truly are miracles happening there every day.

The list of needs is endless and they rely on donations from the community and other organisations. Kainon School is a drop off point for donations.

Providence Rest Home

Providence is a local home for the elderly. Kainon learners visit Providence once a term to sing songs to the residents and hand over appropriate gifts for the season e.g. Easter, Spring, New Church Birthday and Christmas. Residents of Providence always enjoy the interaction with our learners.

Providence can be found in Winslow Road, Westville.