A number of sports and activities are offered at Kainon. Learners are expected to play the sport of the season. There are some extra sports on offer which are optional.

Kainon uses Sport to develop a healthy body, mind and attitude through the development of skills, conduct, good sportsmanship, self-discipline, leadership and respect for others.

Our policy states that our goal through sport is to:

To provide every child with the opportunity to enhance their physical development through a program of physical training and sport and to develop a healthy body.

To use sport to develop skills, behaviour, conduct, good sportsmanship, communication, self-discipline, leadership and respect for others.

To provide the children with a sports program in each season that will inculcate fun, skill and healthy competition and to develop a lifelong love for physical activity and sport.

Sports on Offer:

Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Swimming, Soccer, Cross Country, Badminton, Touch Rugby, Acrobatics, Ballet, Cycling