We run the Integrated-Day Programme, which allows children the opportunity to mix with all age groups for a portion of the morning.  Younger children are stimulated by the ideas and skills of older ones, while the latter develop a sense of responsibility and caring for the little ones.  Children have the opportunity to relate to adults other than their Group Teacher during free play periods.  This allows them to develop confidence and they can seek out the personalities they find most attractive.

Formal learning periods are delivered age appropriately to each group by their class teacher.

The most important aspect of Pre-School Education is the quality of the child’s experience, which depends to a large extent on the quality of interaction between the pupil and teacher/s.

Although conscious of the importance of intellectual stimulation, the focus of our programme is the development of the potential of each child in terms of self-esteem, independence, the ability to relate to others, creativity and large and fine muscle skills, as well as cognitive ability.

Our teachers are well qualified, highly motivated and dedicated to the Aims and Philosophy of Early Childhood Development.

During free playtime, activities are set up in the 5 main areas and are supervised by teachers.  Each child is free to explore the wide range of activities provided within the entire school.  He leaves his home base and his teacher and selects the activities he prefers.

The school layout is important, as the child’s choice is often dictated by what he is able to see.  An open-plan system allows the child freedom of movement and freedom of choice.