Kainon Pre-Primary


Kainon Pre-Primary School in westville is a small, intimate, private Christian School catering for the specific needs of the individual. We provide small classes for children ranging from 18 months in our Play School to the Grade R class.

School Ethos

Our unique ethos in the complex is that we do not “box” children.  We meet them where they are, and in partnership with our parents we nurture and guide them towards becoming independent, well-rounded and responsible members of the community in which they live.


Mission Statement

The Vision

The aim of Kainon Pre-Primary School is to provide a school environment which is an extension of the home.

The Mission

The purpose of Kainon Pre-Primary School is to assist parents to prepare their children in a strong Christian environment for the challenges they will face in later life and ultimately prepare them for Heaven.  We aim to rear happy, confident, caring, spiritually aware and intellectually curious children.

The Rationale

The first seven years of a child’s life is a unique period during which the child is believed to develop an estimated one third of his total adult intelligence, as well as the core of his personality.  Together with his parents, it is therefore the responsibility of early childhood educators to try and prepare the whole child for the natural world and the spiritual world to follow.

Life At Kainon