Admissions Process


Thank you very much for showing an interest in Kainon as the school to which you would like to send your child.

We are extremely proud of our school and look forward to welcoming you to the Kainon School family. Below you will find the relevant details regarding our application process.

If you would like any further information, or to hear about our Open Days, please contact Tayne:

  • Complete application form online under ENROL NOW.
  • Attach relevant documentation to the application:
    • Copy of child’s birth certificate

    • Copy of both parent’s ID documents

    • Copy of recent school report

    • Fee Clearance Letter from your current school
    • Road to Health Chart

    • Any recent Remedial Reports if applicable
  • non-refundable application fee of R300 per application paid via eft. Please send POP to

  • credit check will be done on applicant with current school and credit bureau.
  • Grade R – Grade 7 Entrance Assessment Test date and time will be set up for the learner applying.
  • Interviews for parents are scheduled as follows:
    • Green Group (Grade 00) – Grade 7 with Principal and Chaplain should the learner’s assessment be successful.
    • Interview for parents for 2 year olds to Grade R with Head of Pre-Primary School.
  • You will be notified as to whether or not your son/daughter has been accepted.
  • A non-refundable acceptance fee is then payable to confirm the learner’s enrolment.
    • Grade R (Grade 0) – Grade 7: R3000
    • 2 years to Green Group (Grade 00): R1500

Applications are processed only when they are completed in full, have attached relevant documents and application fee is paid.

Applications need to be submitted via website (online application).

Incomplete applications will not be considered. In such cases the dates of submissions of the completed application will be the effective date of application.

Click to download:
Prospectus (PDF, 0.2 MB)
School Fees (PDF, 0.1 MB)

Each year Kainon School offers a limited number of bursaries to all-rounded students who are in need of
a financial assistance. Limited and partial bursaries are available for each phase of schooling (pre
primary, junior primary and senior primary), and are tenable for each phase of the childs school career,
Bursaries can be re-applied for at the end of each phase. Bursaries are awarded on financial need.
Provisions apply.

All bursaries are granted following an interview and subject to a student successfully passing an
academic assessment. The award of bursaries is also subject to funds being available.
Bursaries between 20% and 50% of tuition are awarded on financial need. As only the most deserving
cases can be supported, the disclosure of detailed financial information from both parents and guardians
of the pupil is required.

Bursary applications are treated confidentially and students will not be aware of having a bursary unless
their parents choose to tell them.

The performance of students enjoying the benefits of a bursary  is reviewed after each phase and the
renewal of such bursary is subject to the student maintaining high standards.

Click to download:
Bursary Application (PDF, 0.4 MB)